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About Us

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Sworney Family

Our Team

Craig Mitchell
Jeremy Brown
Judah Sworney

Giving You Answers Without Obligations

Our core business is investment advising, developing retirement plans for our clients! However, we noticed that one issue caused more stress than almost anything else. The stress was caused by navigating the Medicare system. 


We established Mediclarity to bring clarity to the Medicare process.

We understand the overwhelmed feeling as you approach Medicare age. Sadly, there isn't that much help. Many agents lead with products that pay them the most and friends have a limited scope of knowledge.

We're different, we start by giving you the facts and information you need to make a good decision. We can even assist with a turn-key solution where we manage the timeline, assist with enrolling in Medicare and complete all the paperwork for your supplemental coverage. 

Accepting our help NEVER causes coverage to be more expensive than going it alone and there are NO fees for our service!

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